A Broken Night

Empty glasses on old wooden tops, wine bottles on the floor below. The smell of cigarettes and cheap perfume filled the air as she sighed walking into the shower. That shamelessly scattered ash around the ceramic ashtray. I often wondered about stories behind every cigarette lit and ashed here. I don't know how to put... Continue Reading →


An Ode to you my friend

We are at that age, my friend. We're going to talk of fond memories from more than a decade ago. Maybe two. We are going to start losing people to the ravages of time too. Hopefully I'll be able to ease your aching heart as we go along figuring out our life's plan for us... Continue Reading →

A Game of Goodbyes

Let me just begin by saying that the title has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m about to write. Let me also just say, for the record, it's got everything to do with it. There’s a cop chasing a thief down this road and he’s losing ground. Well, the thief's fast. The cop, not so... Continue Reading →

A shade of Dark Orange

  And so, it happened one day. I happened to glance at her. Just a glance, was all, and I saw her entire world staring back at me. Deep, profound and intricately beautifully broken. I wanted to tell her it was alright. That she wasn't as broken as she thought she was. Her kind of... Continue Reading →

Go get goin Sardara !

  Truth be told, when life asks you to jump, you fuckin jump and life laughs. Period. And truth be told, you are going to be tested insanely, almost all the time. Sometimes to unimaginable degrees and lengths. Fact is that you will break inside a few times too, and until and unless you don't,... Continue Reading →

Analog Guy

I think too many kind words are wasted on the wrong kind of people. The problem in a nutshell is that we have kind words to say, but we don't have the right people to say it to. Maybe its time to move beyond familiarity, its time to give the unfamiliar a shot. Start your... Continue Reading →

Echoes from a Hilltop

Whenever it’s about our old School, the best of us stand up to support its supremacy. The feeling’s stronger if you’ve studied in a Boarding School. You defend your School’s honour like a Soldier defends his post. It’s quite simple to understand why this feeling is so strong.  More than our school, we’re defending our... Continue Reading →

This City

I often tell people that I haven't figured Calcutta out at all. I tell them, but honestly all I'm really doing is telling myself. I'm not going to crib or bitch about it. Every city functions differently. They work on different principles of society, not entirely but somewhat. Maybe the dynamics of social conventions are... Continue Reading →

Burn Unburn

The idea’s simple.Burn some shit. Honestly that’s the dream. Buy a fuckin couch n watch the world burn itself. Yes yes, I hear you. I need help, but actually I really don’t. This world however does. You see, there’s this insane guy on a rampage. He's trying to burn everything down. What are you gonna... Continue Reading →

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